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What you may not know about sugar

Sugar is hidden everywhere! Even in products labeled sugar-free, you might be surprised at how much hidden sugar can be found. Your body will process sugar as sugar, even if it's disguised as one of the following things. The reason you are struggling to lose weight could be because you are eating something that's really sugar even though you thought it was healthy! Some of the major sources of refined grains and hidden sugars that can cause blood sugar problems are : sodas, ketchup, cereal, bread products, fruit juice, jams, jellies, canned fruit, prepared foods, ice cream, cookies, candy, cakes, pies, pastries, and most other desserts.

The main names you will see are: barley malt corn syrup dextrose fruit juice concentrate glucose high fructose corn syrup maltodextrin maltose molasses raw sugar sucrose turbinado sugar

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