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Anxiety under control!

Before I started a plan at Better Life Nutrition I was always tired and my hair was frail and thin. I had suffered from extreme anxiety since I was a child and was fed up.  I had tried every “google remedy” with no change. I didn’t want to rely on medicine every day to feel “normal.” So desperate for answers I turned to a more natural approach. Since I started my journey I have been able to get my anxiety under control. I sleep better so my energy level has increased. My hair feels fuller! I was ecstatic when my hair dresser said “Wow, you have a ton of new growth!” Mentally, I feel healthier and love that I am learning to listen to my body's needs. I also love that I am healing my body naturally and without prescription medicine.


Learned how to take care of my body-mentally and physically

Before I came to BLN, I was feeling tired and sluggish, and always just a little bit "off". 

I feel amazing now!  Learning more about what nutritious and healthy meals look and taste like has helped me take better care of my body- both mentally and physically.  The supplements were also a huge help on my journey.

Nothing I did before worked..

Before BLN,I felt awful all the time.  I had zero energy to play with my little guy, and I had SO much swelling.  I was constantly at the Dr. for every single virus that would even remotely come my way.  I had blood tests, you name it, trying to figure out why my legs, feet, ankles, and hands stayed so swollen.  I was told everything was within normal range and I was fine, that I was just swelling from being overweight.  I was overweight because I could NOT get the scale to move.  If I ate what I thought was better, it still didn't move.  Nothing I did before to lose weight worked anymore.  I was depressed, and tired, and not the mom, wife, daughter, or even employee that I wanted to be. Now,

I feel SO much better.  I actually have energy to play with my little boy every afternoon.  I'm not just crashing on the couch as soon as I walk in the door, and I don't feel like I need a nap every single day to make it through.  I now have NO SWELLING, and have lost 42 lbs so far in my program.  I feel like me again, and even on bad days, it's still nothing like the day to day I use to feel.  My wedding ring can actually slide on and off and I don't have to worry about the swelling making it cut off circulation throughout the day.  I'm SO thankful for Janine, Sarah, and the rest of the wonderful staff at BLN and of course my friend that referred me. God is SO good for connecting me with these amazing people!

Take the bull by the horns and attack the problem

Before Better Life Nutrition, I was unsure of my health and told to have a “wait and see” attitude , dependent upon blood tests every three months. Now I feel that I’m doing something to change the diagnosis, and receiving positive encouragement toward that end. To someone considering coming, I would say take the bull by the horns and attack the problem with BLN.

I look and feel 100% better

Before BLN, I was tired all of the time. Did not have the energy to do anything. Now, I feel great. I have energy to do anything I want to do. I do not have problems with my stomach that I used to have and I have lost all of my excess weight.  I look and feel 100% better

I was so tired and stressed, now I feel so much better!

I was very tired a lot of the time and felt stressed out and short tempered. My chest felt tight and I couldn't handle a lot of chaos without feeling very agitated. I felt moody, up and down emotionally, and not like myself. I rarely smiled and felt stressed much of the time.  Now, I feel so much better. My chest never feels tight anymore and I rarely feel super stressed. I am much more patient with my husband and children and I smile and laugh easily. I don't feel unusually moody and I can handle a lot more chaos, which is good with 2 small children! I don't feel super tired all the time and I feel very energetic actually a lot of the time. I feel much more like myself and I have the ability to give to others now that I feel healthy myself.  I am so grateful for BLN! I would recommend in a heartbeat, and have already been actually. BLN is also so sweet to take care of my children while I am seeing Janine also. Thank you!

Tired, no energy, heart racing

Before I came to Better Life Nutrition, I was tired, my heart rate was 110, and I was eating poorly. Now, I have much more energy, I’m more conscious of my foods, my heart rate is below 100, and I’ve lost ten pounds!

Thought Fatigue Was Normal

Before I came to Better Life Nutrition, I would come home from work and pretty much just crash on the sofa. It was my "normal", and I thought it was normal!  (To be energy depleted on a regular basis.) I was also having a fair amount of joint pain and what I call "brain fog".  I definitely have more energy and significantly less joint pain and brain fog! I feel healthier, and like I'm being proactive about helping my body in a natural way.

 Janine is awesome and I'm grateful for all her help!! Mary and Sarah are the best  office staff anywhere!

Overwhelmed mom of many

Before seeing Janine at BLN my life was overwhelming. I was a mother of four small children who wasn’t living life to its full capacity. I lived with foggy brain, was overweight and couldn’t lose, and overall pretty grouchy. I didn’t feel like a 28 yr old woman should.

I feel so much better since I began! Like a new person! I’ve had two more pregnancies that were overall pretty great and am so much healthier!! I’m so thankful that the Lord saw fit to put Janine in my life! She truly is a Godsend!!!

Getting better and better

I have been struggling with stomach/intestinal issues caused by a viral infection in my gut as well as chemical sensitivities for several years which leads to many other issues. Treatment by traditional medicine only made matters worse and I got sicker and sicker.

I am not well yet but I have seen definite improvement and look forward to continuing improvement. My husband has been following my diet with me to support my healing journey and we received great news at his latest physical. He had a heart blockage and a stent was installed and they said he would be on cholesterol meds for life but his numbers are perfect and he's off all the meds! What a blessing.

Cycle difficulties

Before I came I was struggling with really difficult cycles and numbness in my hands and feet.

After BLN I have seen significant improvements to both of the symptoms that I was experiencing. Thankful for Janine and them team who are dedicated to finding the real reasons for symptoms instead of just treating to the symptoms. Let's get to the root of it!

Inflammation gone!

My body was full of inflammation and nothing helped. I saw specialty doctors for almost a year and spent thousands of dollars to no avail. Now, The inflammation is gone. My feet, legs & back no longer hurt. I lost 30 pounds and feel much better.

Cramps gone

I feel absolutely wonderful!! My cramps literally disappeared the day after I started taking my supplements, and my daily exhaustion turned into glorious energy when I followed Janine's dietary recommendations. I feel like a new person. Thank you, BLN!!

Getting to the root

After BLN I have seen significant improvements to both of the symptoms that I was experiencing. Thankful for Janine and them team who are dedicated to finding the real reasons for symptoms instead of just treating to the symptoms. Let's get to the root of it!

Who says you have to feel worse as you age?

Well, it's been over 7 years ago so not sure I remember everything about how I felt before but know I had aches and pains most people associate with aging (I was almost 63) at the time. I felt like I was in great health because I had lost 70 lbs on weightwatchers a couple of years before and felt so much better than I had before the weight loss. I have no aches and pains (unless I eat "unapproved " foods). I recently had lunch with ladies I graduated from high school with 51 years ago. Most of the conversation (maybe all) was concerning either their health problems and/or surgeries or those of their husbands. I was so pleased that I couldn't participate. My conversations are all about being able to travel to visit my children and grandchildren-including a cross country road trip this past summer on which I did almost all the driving (my almost 90 year old mother was along on this trip too and is still in wonderful health for her age). I'm thankful for great genes but most of all for finding BLN at just the right time!

Type 1 Diabetes and Hashimotos

Physically I feel like I'm getting my younger body back. I take no sleep aids on a regular basis anymore, and can sleep some without them. A1c went from 9.1 to 8.0 the first 3 months, and is still coming down. Hashimotos is gone.

When it looked like there was no hope

Before I was blessed to be referred to Better Life Nutrition I was experiencing, to me, the most traumatic experience of my life. I literally thought I was dying. I was experiencing with no relief non stop fight or flight response to my vagal vagus nerve. Doctors told me that I was developing an auto immune disease without a cure. I was given steroids and an just another patient on this endless list. Some of my symptoms were my kidney’s function was decreasing rapidly, chest pains, migraines, shortness of breath, nightmares, lack of sleep, deep depression, and extreme anxiety. I could not focus on my school or work at all.


 This had taken control of my life and I was only 23 years old. The worse part of it all was I thought there was no answer and I didn’t want to live my life this way. Miraculously, one of my mother’s clients was a client at of Mrs. Janine’s at Better Life Nutrition and recommended I see her. God sent me to Better Life Nutrition. Within the first week of my program I was showing massive improvements in my physical and mental health. My symptoms began to fade away. 


I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I have so much knowledge on nutrition and overall health. The main objective with me is that I feel SAFE. I feel secure that there is an answer to our physical and mental deficiencies. I’m a person who needs answers and needs to be in the know. The answer is quite simple. I still don’t fully understand how nutritionists are still overlooked and how doctors are the primary option. I don’t understand why throughout the country people still do not know. Literally everyone could be healthy and not dying of diseases that have “no cure”. There is a cure! I am so blessed to have found Better Life Nutrition and I’m blessed that I found it at an early age. I look forward to living a healthy and happy life! 

Weight loss just an added bonus

 I am so thankful for Better Life Nutrition! Janine is wonderful and my "life style" change has been so much easier than I ever thought it would be! I feel better than I have in years. I have tons more energy, no more aches and pains, no more headaches, no more swelling in my hands and feet, I am sleeping like a baby at night, my skin looks better and is more hydrated. It's not just physical changes either, I feel so much better even mentally!! I could go on and on-- my body is definitely loving the fact that I am taking such good care of it! I am learning to 'listen' to my body. Who would have ever thought that just changing my (terrible) eating habits would do all of the above!!!??? ....... AND, any weight loss is just an added bonus 

An individualized plan

I really love this place because it has changed my life and caused me to be more cautious of the things that I eat. The program is designed individually rather than a generate one for you to follow. Janine is truly  God- sent and her staff is wonderful. 

Vasovagal syncope

I've always loved sports and been an athlete, super active. In high school, I started having "heart issues" where my heart would race and I'd black out. After going through all sorts of medical testing, from ruling out chronic fatigue, diabetes, asthma, and every heart condition imaginable, the doctors  told me that nothing was wrong with me structurally, but that I had neurally mediated hypotension, or vasovagal syncope. Out of nowhere, I went from being one of the strongest on the field to being "the girl who might pass out on us at any second". Not cool. Emotionally, it took its toll. My identify was rocked and heart was broken that I suddenly wasn't able to do what I loved.


The doctors told me to drink a gallon of Gatorade a day and to take salt pills to help raise my blood pressure to prevent fainting. After a year of struggling through that, they put me on a medication to raise my blood pressure and told me I'd grow out of it. After college, the symptoms subsided and I seemed to have, indeed, outgrown it. 


At 27, the same symptoms returned, but only worse this time. I couldn't walk from my work to my car, much less even think about exercising. It was terrible. I'd never felt like this in my life. I went to my family doctor who had overseen my care with this same issue as a teenager (he transferred me to the pediatric cardiologist specialists at Shands in Gainesville, FL). When I told him what was now going on, he said we'd have to go through all the medical tests again; start over. Only this time he'd transfer me to an adult cardiologist and see what's going on. I broke down. Of all the people in the world, my family doctor was more familiar with my case than anyone else. He knew the results of all the rigorous, pain-staking tests: nothing was wrong with me structurally! Yet, medically, the only treatment option was to start all over. I knew the medical route didn't have answers as to WHY I was feeling this way, only that they could tell me that something in my nervous system was causing me to have low blood pressure, that there was miscommunication between my heart and my brain, but that they had no way to fix it. I'd have to undergo so many expensive tests all over again.


Exasperated, hopeless, and physically unable to perform my job because of how inexplicably tired I was, a friend recommended Janine. At this point, I was truly desperate to feel better. Without knowing much about Better Life Nutrition, I set up an appointment with Janine. 


My family was a little skeptical at first -- we come from a very medically-minded background -- but then they started seeing the results. I was fine! I started feeling better! For the first time in 13 years, I didn't have low blood pressure/vasovagal issues! NO OTHER TREATMENT had ever eliminated the problem; it only helped me manage the symptoms. For the first time, I was truly fine, healed and wasn't having to take medicine to simply "make it through". I was able to work, be active, and live without any of debilitating effects of vasovagal syncope. Essentially, I was able to be me again. 


This was 4 years ago. Today, my entire family goes to Janine. Two of them are doctors in the medical field. 


I am a wife, mom and athlete to the core. I feel like BLN gave me my life back. Medically, I was out of options, at the end of my rope. When the medical field had no answers, BLN was able to facilitate my healing! 


I can't tell you how much I'd recommend BLN if you have any type of physical ailment that you struggle with. There is hope! You CAN feel good again, even when medical doctors with the best of intentions say you can't. You can be whole.

Help for my anxiety

Before I started a plan at Better Life Nutrition I was always tired and my hair was frail and thin. I had suffered from extreme anxiety since I was a child and was fed up.  I had tried every “google remedy” with no change. I didn’t want to rely on medicine every day to feel “normal.” So desperate for answers I turned to a more natural approach.

Since I started my journey I have been able to get my anxiety under control. I sleep better so my energy level has increased. My hair feels fuller! I was ecstatic when my hair dresser said “Wow, you have a ton of new growth!” Mentally, I feel healthier and love that I am learning to listen to my body's needs. I also love that I am healing my body naturally and without prescription medicine. 

Ready to tackle anything!

Before I came to Better Life Nutrition, I was extremely tired all the time.... it was hard to do anything after working all day. Now I feel ENERGIZED!!!! Ready to tackle anything!!!!

I feel better than I have ever felt in my life

I had reached a point of not wanting to live the rest of my life as I had been feeling. I had achy muscles, low energy and didn’t feel good or bad—just blah! I was on a statin drug for high cholesterol and had cramps in my legs nightly due to an infection from my bone loss. I felt weakness in joints and muscles. 

Now, I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. I have few aches, more energy, and a more positive outlook on everything. I no longer take medications for any of the issues I had and I am eating healthy for the first time in my life. I have a greater understanding of what is and is not good for me.

Pain Greatly Reduced

Just months ago, I was dealing with constant hip and leg pain that would intensify at night.  Also, on occasion the soles of my feet would become very tender and feel like I was walking on needles. Now I have no pain in the soles of my feet and the pain in my hips and legs has greatly reduced……..AF        

Hope for the Future

Before I came to you my health was very poor, I could hardly make it through a day. I had several migraines a month. My life was filled with pain, fatigue, and hopelessness. The doctors gave up and me and told me I would have to live with my health issues. Now I feel WONDERFUL!  I’ve had only two migraines in five months and I’ve lost weight.  I’m stronger and have so much more energy.  I’m happier and have hope for my health being restored. I’ve not felt this good in 10 years and I’m excited for the future………DP 

Digestive Improvement

I had NO energy and was very sluggish physically and mentally. I struggled with sinus issues and itching/swelling of my face and stomach.  I was also taking Prilosec for Gastro esophageal reflux disease. After seeing Janine, I lost nine pounds quickly and have sustainable energy. My GERD is almost nonexistent with no need for Prilosec. Also, I have no sinus trouble if I stay on task with my diet and supplements………….Anonymous

Feeling Young Again

I am a 60-year old male who felt like I was 105. No energy, my bones and joints hurt constantly and I never slept more than 2-3 hours a night and woke up more tired than when I went to bed. Now I have lots more energy, I’m sleeping better and my joints are more limber. I feel better and more alive-I could even tell a big difference after the first week. I’m also improving more and more each week……..MJ


My nose was always stopped up; I was addicted to nose spray. I also had severe headaches and a very tender scar. Now I don’t use ANY nose spray and I can breathe! I have so much energy and no more headaches. My scar doesn’t bother me anymore either. …..RD                                                                                                                                       


From the time I was 11 years old, each month, there were days I could barely walk. Imagine being 11-17 and trying to change classes completely doubled over "walking" down the school hallways. As I grew older, I began to have surgery after surgery. I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and ovarian cysts. I was in chronic pain, and NOTHING relieved it. I even had six surgeries in one year -- and the symptoms and pain only grew worse. If I stood for an hour, I would be in bed for a week. When I started seeing Janine, a total change came upon my life within 2 weeks! Through eating differently and detoxing from the metals which my body was riddled with from the medicines I had been taking, I began to heal. I went from being in my doctor's office twice a week to...well, I really never have to go any more at all. I got my life back!! Janine is a blessing from God, and I give Him all the praise and glory!

I Used to be Short-Tempered and Angry

Before I began with Nutrition Response Testing, I was always tired. I was an emotional wreck. A typical day went from being tired to short-tempered, angry, and finally depressed. I was constipated for a week at a time. I was hopeless until a co-worker told me of her results from Nutrition Response Testing.  I can now go through a hard and stressful day at work and still leave smiling and full of energy. This could have never happened before my visits with Janine…….TW

My Kids Have Their Mom Back

Before starting with Janine, I would have to take a morning nap just to be able to function for the rest of my day. I had a difficult time buttoning my size 20 pants and had a massive addiction to sugar. I felt emotionally tense and edgy almost all of the time.  I had an annoying itchy patch on the sole of my foot for over five years. Now, my itchy patch and sugar addiction are gone! I no longer require a nap and I’m able to enjoy my children without feeling like I may snap at them any second. I enjoy wearing my size 14 pants again, and look forward to continued weight loss!........KW 

Sleeping Again!

For the last five or six years I would awaken after four hours of sleep and then have to try and fall asleep again.  Over the past few weeks I have not had to use any of my sleep medications and I’ve enjoyed eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Also, the metallic burning sensation I had been experiencing in my tongue is gone!...............CK

I Can Wear My Wedding Ring Again!

Due to my weight, I didn’t feel like doing anything but watching TV and eating. I had to buy bigger clothes and use the bathroom quite often. It was bad going on a trip. Now, I have more energy and can even wear a tie to church. I can now wear my wedding ring for the first time in 35 years. I don’t have to use the bathroom nearly as often. Thank God and Mrs. Janine……..RD

Lung Improvement

I have had severe, uncontrollable asthmatic issues since I was 5 years old. Specialty visits two to four times a year have been required ever since I was little. After coming to Janine, my lung inflammation is down, and their function has improved! Additionally, I was told that I would not have to see my specialist for a year…….KC

I Thought My Days Were Numbered

I thought my days were numbered. I hurt and felt so bad everyday of my life. My health has been deteriorating for the past five years. I grew tired of doctor’s not really knowing what was wrong with me but coming up with a diagnosis for the insurance company.   I started to believe it was all in my head. But Praise God! I am now living my life as a wife & mother to my family. I enjoy everyday without thinking it might be my last.  It’s been a step-by-step process but the light at the end of the tunnel is truly God’s hand working through “Better Life Nutrition.” I now have Joy, Hope, and Peace..…..FH    

No More Numbness!

I was so numb throughout my legs and feet that driving and maintaining my balance were difficult. Tightness in my upper thighs caused discomfort. Now the numbness has begun to decrease and driving is not an intimidating endeavor. My balance has greatly improved and I can dance again! I feel like my pre-M.S. self some days……….Anonymous          

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