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About Us

If you are like many people, you have  found Better Life Nutrition because you have not found the answers you are looking for in traditional medical settings.


You may have a symptom you can't get rid of, and it's become a huge problem, even though doctors tell you everything is fine.

Or, maybe you have tried to lose weight by counting calories, doing the low fat thing, cutting out soft drinks, and even killing yourself at the gym, but the pounds  just won't come off.

Maybe, you're an avid researcher who is trying to do the  best for your family in an increasingly toxic world, and all the articles you read tend to conflict with each other and you just want to know the truth.

We have good news for you.

We are unlike most medical routes,  even most nutritional routes, because we get to the root of whatever you're going through, using Nutrition Response Testing®. Then, we use a combination of whole food supplements and real foods  to help your body heal from the inside out

We don't treat symptoms, we  get to the root.

If you are ready to get healthy on a deep level, and learn to take care of yourself in a whole new way, you have come to the right place.


If you are looking for a quick fix or a magic pill, Better Life Nutrition is not for you. 



But, if, like so many others, you are ready to start feeling better, learn the truth about foods, and start an unforgettable journey toward your best health ever, give us a call (229-226-5184).

We will support you every step of the way.

Janine Taylor, R.N. B.S.N.

 I am a registered nurse, and have my bachelor’s degree in nursing.  My work experience, before I  received my master’s degree in applied nutrition through Nutrition Response Testing, was as an emergency department nurse and a hospice nurse.


The journey of my adult life is one of longtime chronic illness.  The horrible migraine headaches began before I was 30 years old, and at the age of 31 I went through sudden, unexplained menopause.  The migraine headaches debilitated me for more than 27 years, and I raised my children while being a very sick woman.  I also became 60 pounds overweight, and tried every weight loss diet out there, from vegetarianism to the Adkins’ diet.  I just kept getting sicker and staying fat and fatigued.


 I was diagnosed with severe arthritis & chronic hip bursitis at the age of 31, and when fibromyalgia showed up as a disease, I was diagnosed with that also.  I had severe back pain and never knew what day I could walk or need an assistive device to help me.  I owned my own wheelchair, my own crutches, back brace, and handicap sticker to try to help me survive.  I also had chronic, recurring bronchitis, pneumonia, and sinus infections, requiring antibiotics and steroids 4 times a year.  They also diagnosed me with adult onset asthma.


I was in constant pain, literally, from my head to my feet…for more than 27 years!! I cried out for help day and night, and my brain was getting very sluggish because of ongoing thyroid problems that continued to worsen.  I finally got to the place where I couldn’t function at the grocery store anymore, and my husband had to take over all shopping responsibilities.  I knew I had ADD, but I was afraid I was developing an Alzheimer’s-like dementia as well because of my underactive & auto-immune thyroid problems.


During my most desperate season in November 2007, a friend introduced me to Standard Process supplements, and my Standard Process nutritionist introduced me to Nutrition Response Testing ® in April 2008.  I began a program with NRT at that time, and began to heal in every way…for the first time in my life I felt like I was slowly getting my health back.


It took 1-1/2 years to lose the 60 pounds, but 6-1/2 years later I have kept off every bit of that weight I lost, which is better than 97% of people who go on weight loss diets.  The reason?  Excess weight is a symptom of a sick body, and as that body heals and we feed our bodies the foods we are literally starving for, we begin to lose weight and get rid of longterm problems.


I no longer have headaches and joint pains.  I don’t have back pain or muscle soreness.  My thyroid has healed and my brain functions normally again! I don’t get sinus infections, bronchitis or pneumonia anymore, and no chronic cough.  I haven’t had an antibiotic since August 2008!!  I truly live the life of someone who has “gotten her life back”.  I am 60 yrs. old and feel like I’m in my late 30’s with energy and vitality.  I sleep well every night and am now full of joy and can love my family in ways I couldn’t before.  God has truly “restored the years the locusts had eaten”.


Now I have the awesome privilege of helping other people restore their health & vitality as well!


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