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Who Will I Be Seeing?

You will be meeting with Janine Taylor, RN, BSN. 

She opened this practice nearly fifteen years ago, driven by a deep passion to see other people heal from impossible physical situations, like she has. 

Today, she is on a continual quest to see people  get healthy from the inside out. She'll teach you how to eat, how to pay attention to your body, and how to live a life more full than you thought possible.


I thought there was no hope

Before I was blessed to be referred to Better Life Nutrition I was experiencing, to me, the most traumatic experience of my life. I literally thought I was dying. I was experiencing with no relief non stop fight or flight response to my vagal vagus nerve. Doctors told me that I was developing an auto immune disease without a cure. I was given steroids and an just another patient on this endless list. Some of my symptoms were my kidney’s function was decreasing rapidly, chest pains, migraines, shortness of breath, nightmares, lack of sleep, deep depression, and extreme anxiety. I could not focus on my school or work at all.


 This had taken control of my life and I was only 23 years old. The worse part of it all was I thought there was no answer and I didn’t want to live my life this way. Miraculously, one of my mother’s clients was a client at of Mrs. Janine’s at Better Life Nutrition and recommended I see her. God sent me to Better Life Nutrition. Within the first week of my program I was showing massive improvements in my physical and mental health. My symptoms began to fade away. 


I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I have so much knowledge on nutrition and overall health. The main objective with me is that I feel SAFE. I feel secure that there is an answer to our physical and mental deficiencies. I’m a person who needs answers and needs to be in the know. The answer is quite simple. I still don’t fully understand how nutritionists are still overlooked and how doctors are the primary option. I don’t understand why throughout the country people still do not know. Literally everyone could be healthy and not dying of diseases that have “no cure”. There is a cure! I am so blessed to have found Better Life Nutrition and I’m blessed that I found it at an early age. I look forward to living a healthy and happy life! …G.C.

I was an emotional wreck before Better Life Nutrition

Before I began with Nutrition Response Testing, I was always tired. I was an emotional wreck. A typical day went from being tired to short-tempered, angry, and finally depressed. I was constipated for a week at a time. I was hopeless until a co-worker told me of her results from Nutrition Response Testing.  I can now go through a hard and stressful day at work and still leave smiling and full of energy. This could have never happened before my visits with Janine.


From the time I was 11 years old, each month, there were days I could barely walk. Imagine being 11-17 and trying to change classes completely doubled over "walking" down the school hallways. As I grew older, I began to have surgery after surgery. I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and ovarian cysts. I was in chronic pain, and NOTHING relieved it. I even had six surgeries in one year -- and the symptoms and pain only grew worse. If I stood for an hour, I would be in bed for a week. When I started seeing Janine, a total change came upon my life within 2 weeks! Through eating differently and detoxing from the metals which my body was riddled with from the medicines I had been taking, I began to heal. I went from being in my doctor's office twice a week to...well, I really never have to go any more at all. I got my life back!! Janine is a blessing from God, and I give Him all the praise and glory!

60 but felt like I was 105

I am a 60-year old male who felt like I was 105. No energy, my bones and joints hurt constantly and I never slept more than 2-3 hours a night and woke up more tired than when I went to bed. Now I have lots more energy, I’m sleeping better and my joints are more limber. I feel better and more alive-I could even tell a big difference after the first week. I’m also improving more and more each week.

Lost 50 pounds!

I lost 50 pounds, completely cleared my acne, and learned priceless lessons about how my body works, what it craves, and what it hates. Janine's "tough love" helped me understand the importance of fueling my body well! I'll be forever grateful for her friendship and ministry!

Found out why I was exhausted

After more than 5 years of countless doctor visits trying to find out why I was exhausted all the time, plus the many tests they put me through with no results , I was invited to a party of Janine's. I decided to give the program a try, went for an initial consultation , and within 15 minutes she had found the problem: heavy metal and chemical toxicity from my work. Not only was she able to help me detox these out but was also able to help heal my organs that were damaged. Getting rid of 37 pounds, arthritis, and sinus troubles were just an added bonus. I truly believe she saved my life.

Chronic joint pain

I have been seeing Janine for 8 years. I had chronic severe joint pain. I was diagnosed with RA and told by the time I was 35, I would be in a wheelchair. Well, I just turned 37 this summer and through changing my diet and supplements and the support and encouragement of Janine, I am going pain free, unless I eat too much sugar.  My quality of life is way better. I encourage you to give BLN a try!

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