Thursday Thoughts

​Why does the time change make us more tired?

Why are the autumn holidays so stressful?

When you think about it, it seems as if suddenly we went from sunshine and warmth to darkness and chill. Turns out, these changes impact us very deeply by making us feel more depressed, which makes us want to eat more “junk food”, which makes us feel more depressed and cranky, etc., etc., etc. So what can we do to offset some of this?

1. Listen to encouraging music only, TV that makes you laugh, time with friends at the coffee shop, playing games with family. Do not watch negative news. Pray breakthrough prayers for those going through tough times right now. Limit time that you allow yourself to spend with negative-talking people. God is doing so many amazing things in our lives, but it begins in seed form, so let’s declare out loud what we’re asking God for in our hearts. Remember, your words are powerful for good or bad, so let’s water the good seed that we want to see sprouted in our families.

2. Eat more healthy fat - this feeds your endocrine system which helps keep the winter blues away. One idea that I am currently doing is to drink a mug of organic broth every day with extra Kerrygold butter and extra-virgin coconut oil added. (TIP: get the low-sodium broth and add your own healthy salt to it when you warm it up, and don’t use the microwave!)

3. Go to bed earlier in winter (you know you want to!.) Turn off the TV and technology for at least an hour before bed and do something relaxing: take a bath, read a book, knit or crochet, work a puzzle, or play a game with your spouse.

These things seem small, but here’s the secret that God wants to teach us: a small stimulus leads to massive amplified effects. Let’s make that small stimulus a good one!

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